Bollywood : A lexicon of patriarchy

A recent study of the socio-economic 'picture' of Bollywood was conducted by Interculture, Society for Inclusive Growth and the NGO 'Voices' : Executed over 2 years, the focus group set out to study the various structural systems existing inside Bollywood. The study would conclude on the severe inequalities existing within Bollywood in terms of representation and distribution of wealth. The review is not involved in the 'nature of the content' as much as the present distribution and representation of human resources, oppurtunity, representation and income, inside a multi-billion dollar industry : now out-sizing Hollywood in many ways.

Bollywood as a lexicon of male domination : is the post-script of the research using the data within the report. The Bollywood film and music industry, regardless of it's greatest moments, heros & directors has very little to offer in terms of equality, innovation and progress.

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