Babyfather, a.k.a DJ Escrow or Dean Blunt, has been recently hailed as the 'most happening sound & artist to emerge out of the sonic plethora of England. Resident Advisor announced the artist as No. 1 of 2016 in U.K. "The depiction of innercity life is vivid "

Released on Hyperdub Records this year - The coveted label has been instrumental in creating a landscape of future-driven dub. It is clear, that Hyperdub and it's boss man thrives with artists who are incognito. Anyone can cite the example of Burial : As a pioneer artist, who never played a single gig or festival. Yet there is no topping the incredible effect and myth of Burial on british electronic music. Less than 5 interviews till date. It's a well known fact that Hyperdub protects the anonymity of it's artists very seriously. Yet Dean Blunt is not anonymous.

The sound of Babyfather is mediocre. Yet that's not why we listen to it - Anyone who has heard and enjoyed the last 20 years of HipHop, R&B and B-Boy flavors of brit-electronica, will be bored easily at this languor of ready-made sounds. Socially and culturally speaking Dean Blunt's lyrics & voices is a reflection of the troubled times, echoing thousands of marginalized frustrated youth of England. The sound also begins to often veer towards the violent street reality of England. The celebration of marijuana is as profound as a plethora of gun-shots samples police sirens for a generation which is poor in philosophy and rich on violence. Loud & untreated and cut-short is the new paradigm of this thought stream. Given the need & persistent desire to present the truth, some artists stay totally uncompromised. Babyfather / DJ Escrow may be so. The Rapper says it clearly "Don't waste time doing a crime if it's already been done". The endless references to 'spliffs' and 'sex' and the urban conundrum reveals the rage inside the mass decadence of an erstwhile empire, now subsumed in inter-racial paranoia & religious fault-lines.

Yet eventually, after listening to the artist's playlists, mixes and album for a few hours on - It comes across as predictable and reeking in nostalgia. There is very little listening pleasure or spontaneity in the sound and the beats. Without the poetic dribble of a nigger's nostalgia & will, this album would be near impossible to rocket to proportions of such hype and the astonishing number One status. Further introspection and online reading about the popularity and hype of this music, makes it worth wonder about the sheer vacuous status of england's electronic music scene, currently. Here in mainland Europe, the erstwhile brilliance and breakthrough music of Burial, Aphex, Squarepusher, Orb, Autechre, 808 State, UNKLE, Portishead, Orbital etc etc is almost non-existent or forgotten today. Whats going on ? Perhaps its more 'Hype' ove[r] 'Dub' now. After all, it is the evident nepotism and propaganda of websites like Resident Advisor which might propel such lack of talent to super-star notoriety.

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