Disco Puppet Spring

Earlier this year, Consolidate, a junta of emerging producers put out their debut showcase from Bangalore, India. Titled FRNDS & FMLY. A hiatus broken, a medusa of tunes and aspirations poured out of the urban landscape.

Disco Puppet is one such candidate emerging from Bangalore with a new EP titled Spring. A six song splash entwined within a plethora of moods, instruments, sounds and non-genres. The press release states the artist's " irreverence towards the stylistic and procedural dictates of genres and their purists. This stems partly from ideology, but mostly from a tendency to get easily bored " Shoumik Biswas a.k.a Disco Puppet exhibits rampant desires within his music. To sing, to croon, to punch-out synthesizer riffs, to stack up naive drum patterns and over all a tendency to quickly veer away from repeating motifs. A heavy brain-feeder, post hipster vagrancy can be traced within the tunes and choice of sounds. From Whiplash snare drums to ghost bass_lines to traffic samples to droned guitars to mellifluous [love-lorn] voices combine in short tunes - which makes this EP a very potent listen. A retro_active melodic sense lay within the latter tunes as much as a naughty, edgy, fleeting energy in the first half of the EP. As a singer, Disco Puppet is refreshingly naive - his voice, sung, tweaked and designed carefully, contrast the lyricism upon which the songs shift shape. Via Disco Puppet, Consolidate has put out a bright follow up to their debut and second release this October 2016.

Shoumik as an artist, is surely a far cry from the current rise of 'dressed_up poster boys of EDM' or even the stereotypical DJ sporting the same lame plastic controller and some version of 'traktor'. Yet the guy remains non-chalant about most things in life. Disco Puppet, is out to question and explore, not to really adhere to charts, trends and hairstyles. Track 4, titled Experiment being our favorite tune " where you going ... why you running ... just stop ... "

Listen : http://bit.ly/2dnBuK1
Download artwork: http://bit.ly/2dsLDkB


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