Bagula Bhagat

'Bagula Bhagat' literally translated from Hindi, means 'a person that one cannot trust' [a.k.a shady] The artist Bagula Bhagat is Shyam Ravindran, 40-ish, living in New Delhi and Kerala is one the most recluse producers inside the microscopic underground electronica scene of India. Much away from the seething smack mediocrity of EDM and gelled up jocks. Miles above the commercial noise, soaring in his solo flight of dissent, confrontation, sampling and beats. His music and sound harks at the future and raises a fist to the past. Massive archives of spoken word, speech, Bollywood dialogues, songs, colloquial and philosophic rants to the dregs of folk & rural nature is the source. Mashed within dub, desi, acid, drum&bass, dupsteb, post_dub, tribal and ambient forms. Almost veering to long drawn cinematic montages. Yet his DJ sets as much unpredictable and always transcending genres.

This review is limited to his current musical output. The past 15 years, and his work and contribution to the electronic music scenes of New Delhi is deep, often politically charged & yet mostly covert. He stands as an anti-thesis of jeering crowds jostling to some star DJ. We are unable to locate him currently...

It's almost impossible to nail the underlying desire in his music, as much it's evident of the raging and upfront sensation. His music, as is the case with many forms of art, is beyond the current limits of consumption and mostly opposed to conformity - In future, one might just witness a retrospective craze for the Bagula Bhagat Sound. We feel that Bagula Bhagat is the longest running rule breaker & non confirming artist in the New Delhi scene. The term artist, understood and appreciated outside the current existing chimera of copy_cat trends & frail elitism.
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