Patterns & Moodswings.
Circa winter 2003 in New Delhi, Envision began writing an album inspired by multiple genres & aspirations. The band struck a bond with Samrat B to work with as a producer and sound designer. Composed and recorded over 4 months, in Delhi, SamratB introduced synthetic and electronic colors within the existing acoustic and bluesy trappings of Envision's music. Mid-2004, the album was released independently on CD and Cassette - it faired low, with little notice. The band gradually dissipated by 2006. Over time, the album found a deep resonant note with many forthcoming indie bands and producers. As a reference to the sound, the change, many artists refer to the album as eclectic, dark yet beautiful. Re_issued 2015 by ex_Bassist Dara Rawat now living in Ireland. Patterns & Moodswings.

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