Nikhil Narendra

Nikhil Narendra, in his late 20's is a quiet and almost demure persona. A very unique producer and musician who has remained in the shadows of the technologized landscape of Bangalore. Away from the seething roaring trends and the raise-thy-hands discotheques, His newest release is aptly titled as - MA-SHIT ! A massive collage of post hip-hop desires. A cascading flow of leftover samples and arte-facts clubbed together with lo-fi drums and several chirpy and evolving ambient passages. This is true late-night smokers delight.  Or this is audio-juice for children ala creche. Dark & Happy ! The vagrant yet delicate mangling of samples reminds us of Dimlit and Robert Henke, as they could co-exist inside Nikhil's aspirations. Nikhil's evolving production skills aside, the most exciting aspect of this sound is that, he is able to borrow, skip, cut, steal, contextualize and improvise in his unique way. As many hats or as a true brainfeeder ! Check out his deep ambient set with Shreyas Dipali - Monohive Sessions @ BFLAT Bar, Bangalore.

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