consolidate - FRNDS & FMLY '16

Bangalore awakens to a series of emerging artists dispersing out into the hiatus, with a raw and unpretentious barrage of sounds.
One of the most talented yet as obscure and moody producers behind this bright flash of raw talent is Rahul Giri a.k.a _RHL and producer sound designer of Sulk Station.

Consolidate - FRNDS & FMLY '16
claims to be the "music is vivid, sticky and as much a cross section of the nation's underground aesthetics as ever " - Traces of post-hiphop, trap, ambientism, brainfeeder and the current zeitgeist of chopped vocal samples bring together a host of new producers such as Aniruddh Menon, Aerate Sound, Ocean-tied, Pardafash [ our favorite moniker ] and Disco Puppet. Whats missing in the so called Indian EDM scene is the need to break rules and to collaborate, to procreate. Sans the stupid builds & drop, the dull white noise climaxes and aggressive mastering jobs, this compilation avoids those trappings rather well. Yet what is Consolidate? if not that function inside Ableton Live which a given producer may repeat a thousand if not million times.

Oodles of glitch, melody, solos, moody downers, broken beats, sultry singers, desi sampling, irate drum programming and dashed live instruments - consolidate - FRNDS & FMLY clearly harks at stepping outside the norms of 'raise-thy-hands' trance boppers. The brain-feeder legacy continues to warp and cull out the strangest samples and passages of music. Its no surprise the likes of Thump and Resident Advisor are finally listening to some credible and interesting music outside their chaste circles of consumption. This compilation and the little army of producers built a wall of sound which is special, naive and original. Something we appreciate and what gives hope to the current turgid Indian electronica scene, heralded by shit hype, table dancing or copy-cat euro-trash presets.


Featured Artists - Bangalore.
_RHL - dashrhl
Aerate Sound - aerate-sound
Aniruddh Menon - aniruddh-s-menon

Disco Puppet - discopuppet
Oceantied - oceantied
Pardafash - pardafash
Zubin Aroz - zubin-aroz
Worm’s Cottage - wormscottage
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