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B O M B A Y  B L A C K

The original crew of Bombay Black (1999-2001) presents BOMBAY BLACK HOLE - The Super-group album, massive remixes, videos, art and hyper-genre tour. Mapped over 2015 and 16, the Bombay Black crew continues to spread a new sound, beat and headspace into the indie scene.  A complete runaway success with the premier video Boing Boing and a dozen plus concerts in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune & Chennai.

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#Line Up

'HEADSTOCK' Paresh Kamath [ Guitarist, Ruff Poet, Hypnotribe, Kailash Kher ]

'FUNC' Randolf Correia [ Guitarist, Producer, Shaair & Func, Pentagram, Func International ]

'AUDIO PERVERT' Samrat B [ Producer, Teddy Boy Kill, Synth Freak, DJ ]

'DARK CIRCLE FACTORY' Lindsay DMello [ Producer, Composer, Drummer ]

'INDUSTRY' Abhijit Nalani [ Producer, Composer, Hit-Maker ]

'TYRONE_DI_OXIDE' Tyrone Fernandes [ Guitarist, Sound Engineer, FOH Live ]

'BASS CAVE' Jaideep [ Composer, Bass Player ]

'NORTHFACE' Vibhas Rahul [ Percussionist, Drummer, Grooverider ]

'KITE' Naresh Kamath [ Bass Player, Tech-Nerd, Singer ]

B O M B A Y B L A C K H O L E [ art by blacktv.word 2015 ]

B O M B A Y B L A C K  presents BOING BOING [ Video by Megha Ramaswamy ]
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