Core : debut album

CORE - Debut Album by POL - Da Saz - Audio Pervert. 
The album is a series of live recording sessions, off-line video-graphy and live concerts marks a first time example of Indo-Swiss Electronic music fusion. A project created entirely by the artists features :
Outside the rigid and often less caring institutional hegemony based in India and Switzerland : Core serves a solution outside institutional facade, as well as empowering emerging artists from both nations. Protoculture by and for artists.

What is Core?
"exploring the vast possibilities of modular and analog synthesis - a trio searching the live and totally unpredictable moments of electronic sound, be it music or not ...  

Recorded over 5 days in Bottens, Switzerland. Produced by Audio Pervert, Da Saz and POL / Mixed by Da Saz + A-Voz ESP. Prepared Modular & Digital Systems + improvisation and synthesis.

  • A first time record of Indo-Swiss Electronic Music. Music as Protoculture. Curated by Real Networks. 
    Release date - October 2015. Format - Digital HI-REZ/ ONLINE / FREE DOWNLOAD - Curated by Real Networks Artist Collective - 2015.