Core : debut album

CORE - Debut Album by POL - Da Saz - Audio Pervert.

Core is a project which includes modular synthesis sessions, videography and eventually a series of live concerts in India and Switzerland. Core was initiated by Real Networks and the three artists in 2014 in New Delhi. "We wish to create an actual exchange and learning process between Indo-Swiss artists, especially in the field of electronic music and sound art " The project will take on an educational side via the Synth-Farm synthesis education program in 2017 and 2018. As a statement and ideology, Core challenges the institutional hegemony and nepotism existing between India and Switzerland currently : Protoculture by and for artists.

Using Modular Synthesis as a live creative experience.
"exploring the vast possibilities of modular and analog synthesis - a trio searching the live and totally unpredictable moments inside electronic sound ... be it music or not ... " Core was recorded over 5 days in Bottens, Switzerland. Produced by Audio Pervert, Da Saz and POL / Mixed by Da Saz + A-Voz ESP.

A first time record of Indo-Swiss Electronic Music. Music as Protoculture. Format - Digital HI-REZ/ ONLINE / FREE DOWNLOAD - Curated by Real Networks Artist Collective - 2015. 

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