Animal Farm

What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream ?
If you’ve read George Orwell’s Animal Farm which he wrote in the mid-1940s, it was a satire on the Soviet Union, a totalitarian state. It was a big hit. Everybody loved it. Turns out he wrote an introduction to Animal Farm which was suppressed by various concerned and governing people in the UK. It only appeared 30 years later. Someone had found it in his papers. The introduction to Animal Farm was about "Literary Censorship in England" and what it says is that obviously this book is ridiculing the Soviet Union and its totalitarian structure. But he said England is not all that different. As today almost all parts of the world are. A totalitarian scheme lead by devious incorrect media and journalism. Today seven decades later, as England stoops into racism, state funded violence and massive immigration problems, the book and the prophecy within seems truer that ever.

photo by Carlos Fancellu - Barrio De Carmen, Valencia. Spain.
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