IJA & Vitamin Sex

Ija presents Vitamin Sex. The debut album of a new band is always loaded with as much hope and as much ambiguity. Pilled as Vitamin Sex - This music is not tailor-made EDM nor is it hankering for hapless facebook likes. Ija is a macabre combination in terms of musicality and backgrounds. Ashhar Farooqui a.k.a Toymob ( voice of Teddy Boy Kill ) meets Sahil Mehendiratta a.k.a Inspector Maal ( drummer, percussionist and sampler mangler ) meets Punit a.k.a Jantu ( guitarist and riffmonger ) makes a radical and vulnerable combo. 

Vitamin Sex is one ride composed of dramatic voices, big drums, squashed samples, tripped out guitars and oodles of smacked up effects and synth riffs. Some call this Electro Pop, some called it Hipster Hop. F**K that ! Vitamin Sex is a potboiler of experiences, moods, drugs, trips, tales and off course sex n love. V.S. is bound within a dark circle of sounds, hankering low-long bass-lines,  a bit of fashionable glitch and further stoked in multi-vocal layers. The production of the album reflects in the sound, which is fresh and copious. What strikes as forceful is the deliberate and trendy use of Bollywood samples mashed along rap, spoken word, chants and delirious melodies ! This Rap is not humble, Smoking Big-time bizarre Noji Nagas within Druggy Sagas. The album points to one obvious screaming expectation. For the love of Live ! Keep your radar on and make sure the Maal is $afe ~ Ija is here.

artwork by  Damini Parashar and Ari Jayprakash ( Kuru Chronicals )

"Guitarist Punit Jantu tells us, “VitaAmin Sex originally came about because of the story of Molly and Nunni, characters that were built around certain people that we knew due to certain coincidences. So, this story sort of intertwined with the whole songwriting process and the music, which are pretty risque by themselves.”

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