120 hours !
Orbit - A summit for Live Media. Multiple streams of art, music and electronic sound design. Location : Mukteshwar - Himalayas. India. A residency and interactive sessions lasting 5 days and nights. Combined efforts of 5 artists from diverse practices would create an artistic experience which transcends the usual norms and boundaries of individual work. Featuring Ari Jayapraskash and his repertoire of The Kuru Chronicles. Voice, beats and synths by Teddy Boy Kill. Abstract sound, noise, hyper-tones by Sin:drome : Guitars and Bass by Puneet Bhatt a.k.a Swargtara.

More than 50 different pieces of art and 15 live audio recording sessions were achieved during the summit run. Mixed and re-edited in New Delhi, by Audio Pervert, the project culminates it's efforts into a 15 minute short-film documentary. Completely D.I.Y, Orbit is clearly one of it's kind event in India.

2015 Audio Pervert Production ® Man Mountain Film Unit © Hi_Rez A/Vwidescreen 1080.

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