Frame/Frame Pariah

Frame/Frame's new EP is titled Pariah (A person who is hated and rejected by other people. Says our official word software - Miriam Webster ). That aside, the first song Pariah ushers the listener immediately into a landscape of an imaginary video game. Steadily cascading on dark envelopes, the listener is  jostling irate snare drum hits and keeping the beat to a steady rising trance. Minimal as we like our synths and bass-line. The song is an essential after hours chiller as one might say 'go home with a hundred bizarre thoughts'. Nice Mastering. Track two, Rivals seems a fight between Gus Gus and Crystal Castles ! on the same stage at the same time. Square bass-line turn into a cheeky trance pillage. Brave. Vagabond and Wasted is knocking on the doors of Berlin clubs. Bring on the fat claps and throbbing bass-lines. Oh wait !  christmas bells and santa synths come riding along. This is the most interesting and bizarre track on the EP ! Why ? Imagine Santa Clause, Afrika Bambata and Kid Rock on the same song- the combinations and genre meltdown ! The album cover harks yet another dystopian doomsday message. Yet Why Stop the Party ? The EP settles down with Papillon. Time to sleep to a waltz, as all ends well with the bell ... Sweet synths and 3/4 dreams ... Frame/Frame's voracious rate of writing songs and albums is clear, as is the artist's rising production skills, sound appeal and composition. 

Pariah EP

by Frame/Frame : FREE DOWNLOAD : HI REZ 

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