Audio Diary of a Mad Scientist

Presenting Jefre Cantu-Ledesma’s and his latest album of ambient electronic music titled A Year With Thirteen Moons. 

The ambient and aural spaces within the music, consist of warm and harsh currents coinciding with blips, squeaks, cracks and shards of noise and long reverberated leftover dub particles. Evidently as with a transcendental ideology towards sound and music, the artist becomes very unique and an isolated persona. Far from the seething masses of EDM and the mindless technological trends that rule the current hiatus inside electronic music cultures, A Year With Thirteen Moons reckons the listener to imagine, think and almost loose themselves into a space, which exists inside the music itself. The sound takes on a cinematic effect almost ...

Created within a span of three-months, and in a clearly hedonistic state of mind, yet working within a relatively stripped-down kit: laptop, modular synthesizer, guitar and an array of pedals, and three different tape machines. " The work that resulted was less like songwriting than sculpture or painting " as the review reads.

Audio Diary of a Mad Scientist !
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