Disquiet @ Bakheda

Hemant Srikumar and Bakheda present Disquiet # 2. Featuring a motley roster of sound artists, this Disquiet session will exhibit an unique spectrum of synthesis and noise  via abstract audio-visual narratives. Featuring Da Saz, Granpa, Audio Pervert and Shivnakaun alongwith host and curator Hemant Srikumar, this episode of Disquiet is set to arouse an sonic extravaganza. Analog and Modular sound generation systems combined with a host of controlling software along-side organic (sensor and microphone based) inputs. Disquiet aims at deregulating frequencies, beats and sounds : to the 'need' of stepping outside the quantized norms of electronic music and trends. "The Diverging proto sound-art of New Delhi" 

Da Saz + Audio Pervert @ Disquiet. Modular and Digital System hybrid. Open Channel Flow. Improv state : Performance time = 55 minutes.


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