Hashback Hashish has released his 2nd full length album titled Stoned. Oh wait ! this is not the time to light up a jay and kick-start the evening in some dingy nightclub ... For those who prefer to listen to music, rather than just watch n Tweet and Instagram about it, the album is for engaging ears and demands imagination. Bright and happy in parts, as much maudlin and shady, Stoned is about some sort of re-discovery. Yet the producer / artist weaves a darker explanation : " There are things we don’t like to talk about. These aren’t things that we banish to the darkest corners of our existence, but things we quietly shove under the bed to collect dust bunnies ... " Is Hashback is trying to battle out his feelings via sound, via electronic music, on sleepless nights ? The track 'Automate-passionel' is a deep bass reckoner, unfolding forever, set against murky voices and an evolving ambience. The album does feature a host of collaborators and sources of sound : Ochtone & Holy Climax (UK), ZZZZRA (France), Audio Pervert (India), Manu Ferantini (France) and Minitronik (Germany).
Clearly this artist expresses desire to exit his rigid 'techno-logic' past and move into pastures of ambience, space, glitch and frequency based compositions. 'Somewhere' is our favorite tune on the album. A future prototype of tranquil music ... ' You make me feel' is probably the only dance track on the album. Throughout the album sounds are sparse, the beats not so hard and almost turning into a medium of transport for the listener's trip. Is there some degree of audio intoxication ? ... Into the nether world of post minimalism ... Enough said, Stoned by Hashback Hashish is a genuine craft of synthesis and space.

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