Magnetic Fields Calling ?, the premier Indian portal for electronic music, independent youth culture and all things digital is about to unleash their flagship music festival - Magnetic Fields. In Rajasthan, Al Sisar Palace, this December 2013 . 13 -15th. High in contrast is the artist line up and genres of electronic music, as much is the exotic renderings of the location, architecture, food and hidden packages of fun. The headliners are as alluring as the newbies, emerging at the grounds of Al Sisar Palace for three days. Robert Koch from Germany, Charanjit Singh from Ten Ragas Acid Fame, V.i.v.e.k from the UK Asian Underground representing the exotica factor of the festival, as much the raw and intrinsic noise and sounds of Sulk Station, Snow Shoe, Peter Cat Recording Co and Madboy_Mink. The stalwarts, as well as invaders of the Indian EDM circuit show up all-over the festival line up, ranging from the Midival Punditz and BLOT to trippy Sandunes, rocker Passenger Revelator to moody Frame/Frame. Smacking the love of techno and buttons, Audio Pervert^s featuring Dark Robot live. A crushing manifesto of beats and bass bombs by Shiva Sound System, Engine Earz set to spin Asian channels of Drum n Bass / Dubstep, as sharp in contrast is the sound of Kohra, a minimal and spacious dose of electro. Digging deeper, indie scouts such as Grain, Lifafa and Curtain Blue add voices and songs into this nouveau gathering of music, talent and a select 200 plus audience. The grind-house mafia squad consisting of M.Mat, Moniker(director the festival) and Surreal are present too, throwing rowdy mixes and pumping up the late parties during the festival. The roster and package at Magnetic Fields is perhaps the most exciting and fresh, in a long time, and a clear escape from the homogenized and industrial roll of mega fests, often a bogus tirade of catchpenny entertainment. Question is, Are YOU going there yet ?

' immerse yourself '

The festival has been a massive effort in terms of time and commitment, without corporate branding and bullshit, and at the hands of a dedicated bunch, striving to create a unique experience with a high musical value. Magnetic fields is a combined effort of, THOT, We The People, Al Sisar Mahal and 11.11.

Official website :

AUDIO PERVERT LIVE @ MAGNETIC FIELDS. 4:30 a.m. Dawn Banger ! ( filmed by : Ankur Malhorta - Amarrass Records )
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