Black House Down !

When a typical hollywood premier, a pompous yet obese cinematic fantasy, opens with sombre french horns as background music, you begin to get suspicious ... right from the onset ! Imagine imperial size helicopters that are called 'Humming Bird' and the president of america (finally) happens to be a black guy. The Lincoln worshipping president harks his chauffeur to fly past the memorial, beset next to biggest  castle in Washington D.C. (the white house). Yes, its the beginning of another ludicrous all-american [no-brainer] 'atlas -save-the world' saga. Just as much the 'Oscarized' Jewish community ( Hollywood and the lady-with-the-white-torch! ) would like to fund bullshit like this, the torch bearer of american democracy asks his secretary " What time does my wife get in " ? 

Being racist is one bad thing, yet surrendering yourself to simian mindset is another. Yet another bible worshipping monkey ( Do you care if he is black, white, yellow or purple ) and his right-wing henchmen are squabbling and locked inside the most predictable plot (assassination attempt by yet another dumb-ass suicide bomb-squad). This 'Ghettoization' does not stop outside the high gates of the White Castle ! It erupts from the annals of the Hollywood, the coffers of  consent-makers and the packaged policies of the american propaganda machine. The star-cast includes all the well known, thorough-bred douche bags who run around as VIP rotweilers. Handling a national level emergency as well as dicking around candle light dinners, domestic arguments, parental woes and sexual innuendos ! The president declares on TV " We were poor .. me n mah neighbors. sometimes we couldn't even eat. One day my friend robbed the corner-store .. I told my mutha ... she cooked him a full meal and said ..." Oh ! Shut the fuck up ! A shame and a fact, that the United States has the worst health-care standards as a top nation and the largest number of black people in jails and parole. The movie turns even more ridiculous and hilarious as one is reminded of the reality instead. A time in the United States, which speaks totally opposite : As Obama and his imperial guards fail to brings the hired mercenaries and marines back home, sucking the poorest of Americans dry and spying on their own citizens ( and the rest of the world ) : add to that a beleaguered status of an imperial economy which rots from within.

Before the treadmill of explosions, machine-gun fire, bazookas and grenades herald the emergency unleashed, once again ; As American freedom put to the cinematic guillotine ( for the thousandth time ) ... an adolescent girl approaches the president requesting an interview, for her you-tube fans : asking what is to be done about the middle-east crisis, about Shias, about Sunnis, about Oil ?? The chief monkey of the Oval office quickly dishes out the most phony retort and waltzes away with a you-tube message. This moronic movie compounds itself, getting worse than imagination can ever stretch. Check it out Niggers ~ Consider this excruciatingly painful politi-calimity re-titled as 'Black House Down'. 

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