Sexy Bogus!

The Air India in-flight entertainment service hosts a channel of Bollywood dance songs and video sequences. A repeating loop of twelve odd songs featuring the current superheroes of the Indian movies ... dancing with the starlets, hired white belles, hired brown b-boys, at bars, on cars, with gold bars, flaunting guns, spilling booze, topless torsos running amok on beaches and various foreign locations clubbed with anything else that can be considered "sexy".

As bogus and illusory most Bollywood movies get, as aggravated and polarized is the appearance and behavior of the super studs of Indian Cine Gala. These dance sequences, reflecting a typical set of hackneyed indian aspirations and fantasies, often referred as " item numbers " also  marks the epitome of Indian hyper-masculinity - the need for a vehement display of macho power at the bulwark of ravenous macho swagger,  phony health, beefed up by the loudest of beats and nursery rhyme melodies.
Beyond a few versions of this ongoing litany of song and dance-drama, it becomes obvious that the Indian male bravado on screen is near sterile and a total 'namby pamby' ! A bunch of milksop men dancing topless to celebrate their pantywaist manhood ... To a song and dance nation, on a stage set for this pedantic dance of the predictable, and it's near ludicrous, semi simian nature. 

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