Dark Robot Press Release


" Featuring a whopping 14 guest artists from across the country, it's been 8 months in the making and is our hot tip for one of the top 5 albums of the year ... ” -  The WildCity

" The almost two-hour long album is mostly mad dashes through diverse soundscapes and audio adventures ... For one, it’s reflective of the audacity and extent of Audio Pervert’s sonic manipulations on the record. Putting that cheekiness aside, it’s easy to also realise that the synths are perhaps the most important part of this record. ” -  Time Out, Delhi

" We’re really excited about the album because this guy is doesn’t conform to trends but aims to speak his mind through music by moving away from those Indian Classical alaap infused trances tracks and incorporating far more subtle explorations of his sonic palette. DARK ROBOT does exactly that. The album features an array of genres that really explore the electronic ... ” - Nadabrahma.co.uk/

" The tracks traverse through the listener’s mind while employing various tools: track durations which range from long winding to blink and gone, instruments which range from analog drum machines to buckets and taps, voices which tap into a wide but fitting selection of vocal talent present. It isn’t just because of the various vocalists, the entire album is a huge exercise in collaboration. Featuring 14 artists (“two of them dead, and one who doesn’t know it”), it is improbable to come across a collaborative effort of this scale.”- Asif Khan / bordermovement.com

" Now Audio Pervert’s Mountshiva, one of the early releases from his newest album Dark Robot (2013), is smooth synths combined with vibrant experimentations with ambient sounds ...”- livemint.com/ 

" For many albums, this could be a death sentence.  But Audio Pervert's meticulous care shines through. He's taken time with each of these tracks, allowing them to slowly build and evolve " -  Rock Street Journal

" This 20 song album is a far-cry from Audio Pervert's previous electronic music experiments. From late night moody chillers to bass-rich EDM knockers to near crazy manipulation of synthesizers and samples, Dark Robot is an album of considerable taste and palette ...  " -  Sonic Village

With his latest release, Dark Robot, you are only sure of one  thing— it isn’t going to be a record that is easy to classify. Dark Robot is a sort of an audio fantasy ... Dark Robot is like a machine with a consciousness ..” -  Rolling Stone, India

" The Delhi-based artist takes few prisoners and has a reputation for telling it like it is, which also extends to his music. His latest offering is a 20 track album titled Dark Robot, with no less than 14 artists featured on the album (singers, synth geeks, guitarists, defunct classical composers and friendly rogues) ...” - 
Hennessy Artistry

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