world war z !!?

Question : Where does the average american go to, when a national emergency is declared ? Answer : To the nearest shopping mall !

Hollywood's near simian fascination with doomsday and end-of-the-world sagas never ends. Here is yet another predictable, no brainer of a film. A total waste of time, money and production. The cowboy is out again, to save his family, his nation, his black friend, his old marine buddies, some jew compatriots and the world at large. World War Z ! Witless and near moronic is this battle to kill the bad people in order to save the good people. A little girl screaming " daddy daddy " that epitomizes all such phony adventures, made by calamity prone film directors of a paranoiac society. Zombies, in thousands take to the streets, as a national epidemic breaks out in the U.S. A complete headless situation ! Hollywood's fetish for pandemonium is at it's max ! To make the plot even worse, throw in some 'Jewish balderdash' and pro-semitic bravado via Israeli commandoes, alongside the Yankee Superhero (a.k.a Brad Pitt) running amok commercial jet planes, performing 'open-air' surgery and hurling hand-grenades when needed. Take every known cliche that makes rotten suspense thrillers, mixed with regular intervals of violence, destruction, military red-tape and fireworks : and what you have is World War Z. This movie, like all those perennial big-time productions harking the 'last-judgement' call are a reflection of America's paranoia and a subconscious sectarian mindset. American cinema's basic bondage with moral guilt and it's obsession with false honor and goodness.

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