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Babla and Kanchan were an Indian husband-wife musical group, best known for their runaway success and accidental legacy in chutney music, also referred as Desi-Disco music. They performed together for almost 40 years with various musicians, until Kanchan died in 2004. Originating from Bombay their music was a hit across the world, especially in countries like with Indian expats such as Canada, United States, Trinidad, Guyana, Netherlands, South Africa, Mauritius, Suriname and UK. Initially around 1973 Babla made his mark in the burgeoning Bombay music scene via the Kumari Kanchan Dinkerao Mail Shah Band.

1975 Babla Orchestra : Babla coined the term 'Disco Dandia' around late 1970's, yet it remains much argued as to what Disco has to do with Dandiya (traditional gujarati music form) Yet the combination of folk and electronic instruments with catchy lyrics and silly rhymes collided in a strange way, which picked up steam as a full movement circa 1981-82. Early 80s saw him tour the world and become a star bollywood name in India. A pot-pourri of musical styles, syncopated by a large band, modernized via synthesizers, drum machines, electric guitars and choral voices. The album in question, Disco Sensation by Babla Orchestra / The Pressings of this album have become very rare over the years, never seriously collected or preserved in India. Babla and Kanchan were key propagators of dance music, spreading much needed diversity into Indian popular music. Babla's Disco sensation struck an instant reaction way earlier than the loud and pompous predecessors like Bappy Lahiri and R.D. Burman. Three decades past, these propagators of desi-disco are almost invisible within bollywood history or even kitsch.

Ironic part is, that Babla and Kanchan's music and records have soared in the collectors market, as seen on boomkat reviews and several shops in Holland, Germany and the US. Yet the man, now in his 80s, remains obscure and almost unknown in Bollywood or indie realms.


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