http://www.u-he.com is Urs Heckmann / Howard Scarr / Clemens Heppner and Sascha Eversmeier.

At U-He, developers of analog emulating synthesizers, effects and filters, since 2004, have maintained a very discerning focus towards the quality and the" real-life" features of virtual synthesizers. As processing speeds get better, so does the quality and tone of these instruments. The team at U-he is meticulous to study and recompose the analog characteristic of synthesizers, eq's, tape delays and oscillators : combing, routing and re-creating software emulation tables and control systems as virtual synthesizer blocks for the end user. The U-he team has been awarded as 'top soft-synth developers' by Computer Music and Sound On Sound in 2012 and 2011.


FREEWARE : The Legendary Soft Podolski !

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