Creator Viktor Jan has this to say about Beatoven !

With Beatoven, the users create music via a 'cooking' system. Mixing sounds as if they were ingredients and playing with the revolving buttons on the stove to manipulate the frequencies - Almost as you adjust the amount of heat, enhancing the feeling of cooking - the changes reflect in sound.

Numerous sources of sound, and their dynamic adjustment creates an audio canvas. With the BeatOven, users can adjust the sounds via the rotary buttons continuously. Also when the lid of the pot is placed on top, the frequency of the music gets slow thus gives the psycho-acoustic feeling of the music emerging from a distance.

The BeatOven sound controller is an example of unorthodox system of mixing sounds and tones, outside a structured or industrial hardware ( synth, computer, sampler etc ) driven mechanism.

More such DIY Controllers at -

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