Wighnomy Brothers

When you think of the Wighnomy Brothers, you see two nerdy & scruffy looking middle-aged men who do not impose the slickness of a Ritchie Hawtins or the grand sauve of a Sven Vath. Yet these two gentlemen / brothers have pushed the envelope of German Techno and Minimal Electro for the last decade and more in the most progressive sense. Recently their website declared "After 17 years we are now announcing the retirement of the Wighnomy Brothers DJ project ". Funny how most of the techno jocks strutting their two-bits, at beatport and such markets, have never much heard of these pioneers or even dwelled into the 'wighnomy' side of the minimal arena ( oh wait ! most of these hacks dont even know what minimal actually stands for). 
Ace sound sculptures and mix engineers in the studio, their brand of techno remains eclectic and a sheer joy to listen and dance to. Yet the duos music is mostly prized by select listeners ( the not the types who throng a typical and industrially mind numbing gig of  superstar acts ). Ephemeral and evolving in their live mixing repertoire - Deep and imaginative as composed in their studio. Here is to Gabor Schablitzki (aka Robag Wruhme) and Sören Bodner (aka Monkey Maffia). Wighnomy Brother Forever !


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