End of the EDM snob !

So, apparently, the EDM Snob has retired. Exiled ! Packed up ! Read his last blog post, where-in he divulges and reveals his work ethics and passion behind the website, which rocked and pricked many of the stalwart producers and current ruling jocks in the ever churning world of Electronic Dance Music. Last famous words from the man himself  " In the EDM community, I am The Snob. In real life, my name is Albert Berdellans. I am 23 years old and live in Miami, Florida, USA ( with picture ) " - His last shindig was exposing the ruthless marketing regime of the Swedish House Mafia ( often being stated as the " boy band " of house muzak ) for their much hyped " One Last Tour " !

" The snobs intentions of creating a better EDM world seemed good initially, but truth be told he was just a self serving drama starter. He tried exposing those who didn’t serve his own edm business intentions but protected those he works with even if it it meant being hypocritical in his writings "

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