10 Reasons To Quit Facebook

I quit face-book, 8 years ago - This blog was written in 2011.

Looking back now at the reasons not to be an user back then, is increasingly reflecting from many people and friends (in reality and online), now.

1. Facebook is clearly biased and skewed in policy - A code, deep rooted within autocratic values. The privacy policy and user guidelines of Facebook, are inconsistent and often double-standard. An intolerant disposition of morals coupled with double standards of "safe" user content. Facebook is clearly fascistic when compared to other networking/blogging sites such as Blogspot/WP/Tumblr / Youtube etc . For example - Facebook is littered with fan sites of popular and beautiful people - some of their posted pictures often harboring the semi nude and almost with latent pornographic value with hundreds if not a thousand comments from eager fans/viewers. There are fan sites called " Kim Kardashian's Ass " . Yet when one, uses a graphic (not a photo) with semi nude content, only with the intent of exposing the fallacy of beauty products and the dubious trap within; Facebook cries violation and obscenity. Facebook warns and deletes the pictures. Facebook acts like a big brother from an Orwellian cyberspace ?

2. A majority of people start to behave in certain (obvious) farcical ways once gaining access to friends ( audience ) on Facebook. Given the fact, that most people using Facebook have a tendency to be righteous and tolerant on one hand; On the other, they mostly taken on pseudo and an almost bogus stance to carry forth their opinions and views. A curious mix of ego, prejudice, misinformation and the desire to be accepted / liked by their friends and audience grows in almost all of the users, further stemming towards ridiculous ways to increase popularity and acceptance; on a daily basis. This 'cheap' tendency is most visible in people who belong to the creative business ( art, photography, music, fashion, entertainment etc ). I too, have been a victim of this facet. A deep narcissistic surge that wells inside such people, is most often fueled out of insecurity of being not recognized and as a result we see the non-stop barrage of the " me - myself - i " syndrome by millions of people. From a distance it looks worse than a loud and rude, fish market banter, of pacific proportions. An abject reflection of people trying to immortalise themselves on a wall ? with a daily roll. Desperate to be loved and liked ?

3. Facebook has created a code where in most worthwhile and expressive dialogues / communication between people has been reduced and replaced by iconic and numerally savvy systems. Which most people use and get addicted to; seeking for more such referrals and citations, than an intrinsic dialogue or even critique of their works / views and presentations. The methodology of conversation and the use of language is sub-standard if not near abject on Facebook. Be it english or any language used, the nature and scope of communication is actually reduced to a base level method - limited to icons, actions and limits on data size on all available functions of Facebook.  Surely facebook in the near future will grow into a gargantuan size, and powerful to control a lot of information be it personal or professional of majority of the world.

4. Facebook is a violation of its own principles and claims. Although, on one hand it does claim to be totally secure and provides several tedious layers of privacy control for its users; On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg and his posse continues to sell / share and expose user account information ( close to 500 million ) to google, msn, twitter and many other online service providers. In Zuckerberg’s eyes, exposing your life online endorses integrity ! According to the tycoon, " power of democracy is at work in Facebook and that, by giving everyone a voice and “power,” the system will end up in a really good place" - Obviously this guy has an incredibly fascistic and almost moronic vision. An omniscient god of the internet, who goes around preaching the most bogus values to the hapless denizens of Facebook. [ Epilogue - Edward Snowden and Wikileaks would expose the relationship of facebook with the government of america in 2015. Facebook, Yahoo, Google & Ebay have since actively shared user information of millions of clients allover the world, without their consent nor knowledge ]

5. " On Facebook I know who you are because I know who the people are who you know,” said Zuckerberg " - Scary as it sounds, it also reflects on the sheer ignorance of a man, who was titled Times Man of the Year 2010. This person and his views are at best philistine and vulgarian.

6. People at large want to be recognized, praised and accepted, not just by their peers and real-life friends but by anyone they can reach across to. So was the case with Myspace, Orkut etc - Yet on Facebook, this takes a maligned and often desperate proportion. I see the same behavior regardless of person's background or current disposition. Be it a Professor or a Musician or Social Worker or a Model - everyone seems to be barking the same way ( about their choice of subjects and interests ) on Facebook.

7. Four years ago, a whole bunch of people had suggested ( to me ) that one should use Facebook, as its the best platform / portal to expand one's network ( professional or personal ). The funny thing is, these very people would become flakey and unresponsive inside Facebook. Some even were clearly unable to deal with criticism, reactions or even the occasional scathing humor - some even went on to delete and severe relations (on Facebook). It clearly reflects the double standards and that they are cushioned in some faux / psuedo stance which keeps them secure inside this dubious social cesspool - which claims to be democratic, yet seems rather herd-like in essence - millions of people ranting and fishing for praise and patronage !

8. The amazing thing about most of the users on Facebook, is that it gradually exposes a lot people in terms of their selective ideologies and in-erudite views. This particular facet of behavior I have personally felt and seen in practice, day after day with respect to political and social issues and the involved prejudices. People at large, especially in India, do not seem to handle criticism, assessment or even a humor-laden zapper ! Since they get all prickly and unfriendly - compared to real life, where any such discussion is possible and enabled without such contrasting principles and the insecure attitude. Again and again I have felt the near pedestrian and ignorant wrath ( comments ) from people who otherwise project a very benevolent and impartial attitude. They are fake ? ( on Facebook ) or life in general ? This debate can only be solved outside Facebook !

9. Facebook does not allow HTML. Hence no customization at a graphic DIY level. And it imposes limits on photo sizes, video data and ( as pointed out above ) - A near fascistic stance on various subjects and issues and graphic material being shared by the users- The GUI (graphic user interface).

10. People need to reclaim ( or hold ) their ability to be free and independent thinkers - If not all users of Facebook, a good majority is blind to this facet - this loss - And Facebook is that last place for any 'real' acquaintance, association or connection.

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