Indian FM is Dog ! Awful !

Been listening to the major Indian Radio FM stations for the past few hours. Skipping, searching and looping between seven odd channels. ( For some music ) All bummer ! cheap, crappy, cruddy, crummy, overbearing, boorish and near diddly shit ! As it sounds like S(HIT) FM " Ten Shits in a row " ! Or some Hindi jockey blaring the same lame jokes and anecdotes all day in between with the auto-tuned, treadmill hits of Bollywood. Why is FM Radio in India this lame and gimp; So Americanized in format, and full of pedestrian, prosaic and puritanical content ? 

Simply because its conceptualized, operated and run by a bunch of vassal brains ! (MBA's and their Serfs ) who went to school and college listening to 'Sweet Home Alabama' - 'Dire Straits' - and A.R. Rehman - and nothing else ! Oh yeah ! a bit of Gun & Roses and Metallica. A continuos tirade of film songs interspersed by insipid film gossip in contrast to the cantankerous hip hop sounds of the West Coast - or would you prefer the daily run of morbid dusty tunes of the Doors instead, interspread with putrescent hair metal hits of the 80's ? The reflection of this hackneyed and corporatized vision is in the playlist - is in the sound of FM - is in the stock-stupid routine of this 'drag'. Seldom or never will you hear any new wave of music on Indian FM Channels. FM Radio in India is not about freshness nor any independent music. Not even 1% of the broadcasted music is local, enterprising or even representative of the nation's youth. 
Fuck that ! These morons (apes in suits) running the stations and making the playlists are just scouring You-Tube instead.

Its amazing and hilarious, how this multi-crore industry is 'rolling in the mud' with the most vapid musical and programming standards. Indian FM is perhaps just a rotten re-presentation of the popular entertainment standards of India  !
Oh wait a second ... Isn't all commercial FM Radio, across the world about the same ? 

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