dinosaur dialogues from the audio dungeon

The industry man claims honesty, effort and patience and the "exalted price" of experience .. Yet the quality of " industrial Bollywood " music beaming from big studios is fast becoming a passe. Hilarious and almost pathetic is the stance taken by the experts within the industry, desperate to stay afloat and above the younger generations making music out of bed-rooms, digital tools, VSTs, Synthesizers, drum machines and sampled waves inside a given 'semi-professional' studio. Actually the word, "pro" is a total hack, for the quacks in the industry.

The 'real' artist and the character of their music / sound lives and breaths outside fancy studios. And further increasingly, music being made without super pre-amps, super expensive mixers, and super posh microphones is the zeitgeist of modern audio technology. The heavy weight sound engineers inside big studios have been reduced to near-behemoths of audio redundancy. Musicians in the new millenium increasingly have shunned the elite and the orthodox systems of recording and mastering. More and more progressive and groundbreaking music has been, and is digitally created - inside home-studios, the world over ! Long Live these so called "bad rooms" and D.I.Y ! As always, Music is about the energy and the vision of an artist, and not some geriatric processes of a veteran expert.

Listen / Hear / Share - the dinosaur dialogues from the audio dungeon : Beware of the bogus claims and methods.

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