Breaking a Shit !

Recently watched a musical collaboration ( or thats what they claimed to be ) between the aging rockers of the erstwhile super group Doors with Skrillex, one of americas hottest electronic music producers. The film is a creation of Re:Generation, which is a series of short films about the various collaborations of Skrillex with musicians of a dissimilar background, genre and or age etc. We shall not digress nor regale ourself ( cause we love electronic music ) about how meteoric, planned and corporatized the success of Skrillex has been. The super star 'jock' performing to sell out shows across America - Is not an indicator of worthwhile music - but that American audiences have finally 'caught-up' to a new music culture.
Skrillex invites Ray, John and Robby into the studio to listen and play on his song in the making ( titled break'n a sweat ). The video unfolds into a hilarious mockery and disregard at both ends ! further creamed with footage of Ray and Robby playing lame organs motifs and boring guitars riffs & making Stevie Wonder jokes - The eventual song that emerges after Skrillex's defecation with his choice softwares and mix, is worth plain electronic excretion ! A mockery of the witless members of the Doors and blatant self aggrandized status of Skrillex (yes the kid can write a song in a bus ) - This is clearly a dung' of a collaboration ! The video ends with Skrillex on stage with lasers and glitz, with hundreds of hapless morons jiving and cheering on, as the superstar rides the 'play /pause' button' pimping his brand of "brostep" ! Shit sells ( by the truckloads ) and i guess there are at least a thousand dummies everywhere !


(listening to a buffalo is better )

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