about c(rap) music !

(C)rap !
Live Footage - Notorious B I G throws a bottle at the DJ ! Though the video reveals a live fracas between the star MC and the newbie DJ under stress ... The performance on stage, clearly reflects the abject and near destitute 'status of the brotherhood' - of Rap music and how awful it's deliverance is. The so called 'notorious' and oversized rapper delivering sub standard rhymes and done-to-death rants - backed up (out of pitch and time) by some hapless minions (the crew) with a chance to throw their dweeb voices into a microphone. Add a faulty DJ to mix the most lame beats ! Such rap (or Crap Muzak) at it's essence is commiserable and pedestrian ! Our gut feelings almost know that we need to trash this bogus catch-penny culture ...

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