The Story of Ty Ziegel & Renee Kline.

This image appeared first on facebook somewhere around 2009.

This man is Ty Ziegel, and the woman beside him Renee Kline. They were sweethearts when he went off to war as a Marine. In 2004, however, a bomb/blast removed part of his skull, damaged part of his brain, left half of his left arm needing to be amputated, and blew off several of the fingers of his right hand. He can’t see from one of his eyes. After two years of surgeries and recovery, Ty and Renee were married in October 2006. A year and a half later, she divorced him.

Initially and predictably this was a much media hounded issue, yet it has turned viral and goes further shared - for the last 2 years - a deluge of public opinions, comments & blogs follow till date ...

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