Live room in New Delhi

2012 - We have initiated a collective of sound enthusiasts, synthesizer freaks and digital media artists to combine their artistic expressions and skills - All online and as a real-time experience ! The live juxtaposition of  abstract sound, beats, noise, words & symbols creates a uncharted space. Further when thrown into cyberspace,  from a remote location these very inputs ( audio / projection and  video ) take on a narrative and performance for viewers online, across the world. All made possible inside an 50 square feet home studio, streaming the various inputs combined, into the Live Room server.

This step is a modest attempt towards unlocking the home studio space into a live performance arena. The orthodox spaces and platforms for live performance are being left behind - to reach out to like-minded audiences to listen, share and participate online - Our server space is our concert stage - ( With the use of words as a story builder and  the dynamic audio-stream via synthesizers and electronic instruments (which remains abstract and non lyrical otherwise) we combine  these two unrelated methods to create a completely new form of communication. Processing sound and thoughts into stream of consciousness  - words, symbols, phrases when seen continuously  (changing as a message system) - It binds the listener / viewer cognitively to the flow of abstract and evolving electronic sounds and textures. Feedback and responses from viewers logged into LiveRoom is used to further color and craft the the story and incoming sounds. And we did receive instant feedback - critique, greetings and praise ! Attempting this breakthrough method of live performance for the first time in India.

Though at a nascent stage, this particular venture stands as a most unique DIY series of events outside regular venues and nightclubs in India. We hope to upgrade, expand and fine tune the streaming and performance of these events to a more contextual and perhaps cinematic experience. Please  contact us  right away in case you would like to contribute on an artistic and or technical level. 
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