ixi audio is an experimental project concerned with the creation of digital musical instruments and environments for generative music. We are interested in the computer as a workshop for building non-conventional tools for musicians, i.e. not trying to imitate or copy the tools that we know from the world of acoustic instruments or studio technology. We currently work with open source software such as SuperCollider, ChucK and Pure Data, but our aim is to distribute our applications packaged in a way that allows everybody to use them. Simplicity and ease of use together with depth in interaction and expressive scope is the aim of our experimental music software.

We are interested in free and open music software in all senses. Free as in "free beer", free as in "free speech" and free as in "free jazz". The last "freedom" being the most important one. We acknowledge the constraints that software puts on the musician, the limits that the tool sets for the creative process and we therefore promote and try to disseminate technologies that open up the limits of software (or define new boundaries). "

A must for electronic music producers and audio manipulators and the glitch junkie !
IXI has developed the widest range of standalone DSP / Midi / Generative softwares. The sonic deconstruction and expansion possibilities remain endless with such devices - outside the usual creative norms of DAW's such as Logic/Ableton/Pro Tools etc. IXI Quarks is a essential bundle of 24 devices.
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