Last tune of 2011!


Last tune of 2011 .. We await 2012 !
A curious & minimal surge of FM Wave, bit crushed sine oscillator, a Reaktor DSQ32 bass and sampled Doepfer Dark Energy. Live drum bits & breaks performed by Vinny Bhagat via BatteryKit. Structured within a basic melody, which folds and expands and contracts over time via various midi instruments. Side-chain mechanism On ! Sawtooth Bass Control On !

Aurora sound stream. A Risk vs. Reward Studio Production. Reaktor/Ableton/Doepfer/Battery/Nativ Sample. Audio Pervert Synthworks. Alter-Station Mix. Maserati Instrumental. "Sidechain 11X" Promo version. 2011 ® Freemedia. Artpervert Systems.

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