Didn't Mummy Say So ?!

To all these urban educated women who are ranting about the violation of their rights .. Right to wear cloths of their choice (as much and as less) as they want. All these educated ladies, who go up in arms and words against the illiterate and pedestrian public of this god-forsaken nation. All these belles who think it's their god-given right to 'be' what they can. All these instant-feminists who want to walk and dress as sluts. All these upper class twits who view and term auto-rickshaw drivers as a bunch of "boors and potential rapists". These provocative penny worth writers, who think they are gods gift to the ever-long struggle of women against men. I have a question for you ..
Didn't your mummy, daddy, brother, sister, boyfriend, uncle, aunt & girlfriends ever comment on your sense of dressing up (or down). Didn't your mummy tell you not dress like a slut ? Didn't your peers ever (once) smirk at your skirt or jeans or earrings. Didn't your sister or brother ever ridicule your latest party dress ? Didn't your boyfriend ever comment on your underwear. Didn't your aunt or uncle ever say " that dress does not match your shoes " ?? What did u do then ? What did you feel then ? Did u just "Grin & Bare" ?
Or did you take up the hammer and smash their heads in .. or did u you start raving about the violation of your esteemed rights. Did you envision a slut walk back then ? Did you run to some feminist novella to feel better ?
What these women and hundreds of their clones failed to realize, was their gross inability, to deal with class difference, to deal with people who are not like them. Their abject failure of bourgeois ideals set against the might of a vastly crude & illiterate nation . This inspite of being such english laureates, writers, journalists and such aware socialites & activists. Their fragile egos which begin to flake at the face of a brutal mass of people who stare and will continue to do so, as much at any available inch of exposed flesh. Their cosmetic views of an utopian world where no one is suppose to letch or even criticize their much aggrandized right to wear choice cloths. They are as class-ridden as the high priest of an orthodox religion. Their ideologies as are forged as the politicians manifesto. Their outlook of equality as 'soft-soap' as their sense of fashion. Their activism as flat as the narcissistic poets scouring the latest issues .. Get real or Get gone !!
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