Very rarely do visuals and music have an impact as this one. The music remains simple and haunting, yet truly evocative in terms of recall and feelings. The duo of Roland & Ozrabal (Tears For Fears) recorded this song in 1981, in the UK at the height of the new romantic wave. Hundreds of people across the world, from merciless techno producers to shoe gazing singers to japanese game bands have felt the need to re-incarnate the song .. again and again. Yet this one version, sung by Gary Jules and the video directed by Michele Gondry has achieved an almost everlasting impact ( on me and trust the 37 million odd views) . The mysterious space between lyrics, sound and images starts to merge into one feeling in this short film / music video . Throughout the video children are making animated figures on the sidewalk below. The song made a total cult following via hollywoods runaway success of Donnie Darkovich. Enjoy !

" and i find it kind of funny .. find it kind of sad,
the dreams of which i am dying are the best i have ever had ... "

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