No matter what the music says ..


Yes ! No matter what the music says (or lyrics bark at) .. people still dance ! Way back in 2006, such a statement hit me in the face, smack in the middle of my pot smitten desires to craft electronic music, like no one ever did. Only in vain, to sell my soul of the ∂evil disguised as the Sawtooth Junkie. To accept the curse of the " INN_Tiss INN_Tiss" ! That addiction which would all-consume myself and eventually make people dance ! Make people forget what the music says.
Anyways .. these tunes were composed in 2006. Featuring the much unsung saxophonist Alesandro Mariotti (I have not been in touch with him for years & there is hardly any information about him online) and also chopped, diced & sampled voice of stand up comedian of Pablo Francesco (
The tunes were covert, until, recently released by RISKY DISC. Re-issued 2011.


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