I am not a DJ !


Many times over, people and some friends consider me to be a DJ. Well, i am not ! At best i can hack a few 'sound' tricks and play my own music via computers, efx and synthesizers, standing behind the DJ console ! Or try and match beats (if only i have to). I don't play CDs and i hardly play anyone else's music (never-mind the occasional Trente Møller or Daft Punk). Live electronic music as a practice and performance is way more enticing and manipulative .. I never figured the thrill of mocking on a 'controlled' mix-CD. Most hilarious and obnoxious requests & demands have come my way during performances. Remember this gentleman (idiot) pressing on me with a paper napkin with the words "please can u play By The Rivers Of Babylon", smack in the middle of a hyper techno beat-fest ! Most such bizarre and drunken requests blur, after the night is over. Yet recently, one guy, came up to me in the middle of a performance (with my hands full with knobs and synthesizers!) and offered me a half eaten burger !? Guess it was his way of giving me kudos for the music ?! It's amazing to receive such reactions and 'condiments' from the audience. The audience loves to connect with a DJ .. the DJ faces the love. loathing & drunken wrath .. i guess in more ways than one .. I keep at it, the onslaught of beats, bass, breaks, blasts and all the noise .. pounding at the mix, and hoping another dimwit request is not on it's way .. music is the only way out

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