a conversation from the past ! Ladies of Louisiana

A conversation in the afternoon, amongst the affluent ladies of Louisiana. The time is late 18th century. Slavery, in America, at this point is the most trendy object of conversation and controversy. A recent novella written by a writer from Boston, sparks off the ensuing debate within these ladies, mostly married to wealthy farmers and european slave owners. Various male and female slaves serve tea and condiments.

LADY A : This awful book from Boston, it continues to spread such filth. Listen to this particular part .. "As for the southern ladies, their famous virtue, is greatly devalued by the fact that they have no say in the matter .. " *reading on* " How could they be virtuous now .. their men betray them and their illusions .. since they started going out with colored girls .. "

LADY B : I can't believe it .. this is preposterous !

LADY A : " The truth is that these women get no satisfaction from their husbands .. nor do they have potential suitors .. because the men are mostly occupied with the comely slaves at the plantations"

LADY C : That is horrible .. how can someone think of such venomous thoughts ? *frowning*

LADY D : This is sheer political propaganda .. what do they know of about negroes ? These pencil pushers from Boston & Philadelphia !

LADY C : They must be envious of us .. and so prejudiced, full of malice and trying to humiliate us like this ? My god ! How can they insult our husbands and us like this ? It's disgraceful .. *huffing*

LADY A : Goodness hell .. accusing our men of fornicating with the slaves ! It's like saying they are copulating with animals ?! This is a godless man's vile imagination ..

LADY E : The phenomenon of abnormal mating between white people and negro slaves .. has a scientific name .. Bestiality ! *sigh*

LADY A : It's disgraceful .. a bunch of lies ! *aloud*

LADY D : As if we don't know where our husbands take their incontinence to .. every friday night ! Oh What am i saying .. to the whorehouse perhaps ? *sniggers & giggles*

LADY C : That is funny *laughs* .. my husband usually works at the slave farm on weekends as well .. what can i say *laughs again*

LADY A : I am sorry .. perhaps we should not talk so openly in front of these slaves.

LADY F : Dont worry my dear .. they have no idea, nor sense of what we speak mostly .. they are not like us after all .. yet i have often noticed this tendency amongst the slaves, the tendency to develop a lighter skin tone. As time goes by, some of them become lighter and lighter .. yet their sensibilities and intelligence remains that of an animal.

LADY B : Is true ! some negroes babies do appear lighter in skin color compared to their previous generation . One even had an almost pink baby *chuckles* .. i wonder how that happens ?

LADY A : My husband explained this to me .. he says its called Symbiosis .. Like certain animals, these negroes slowly take on the color of their new habitat. Negro babies are born fairer compared to their forefathers .. is rather strange ?

LADY B : Your right ! I think that makes total sense .. take Scopio as an example (pointing to a slave serving cakes) He is left handed like my brother .. His father and mother are right handed .. or for that matter, look at Jason (Pointing to a Mulatto man) .. My husband actually raised him since his childhood .. and look how blonde he has become now. *laughs*

LADY B : Nature is truly bizarre .. *sigh*

LADY A, C, D & E : *nod*

LADY A : Since the prohibition of importing new slaves, this has become an even more common phenomenon .. perhaps that is due to Symbiosis as well ?

LADY E : I do believe we should visit these negro factories sometime, in order to learn more about Symbiosis ?

*brief silence*

LADY A : I think that is not a good idea .. Those places are fit for animals *frowns* .. our men along-with the trusted servants can take care of such places .. Why goto the slave farms ? My father told us of such horrific incidents about negroes and their animal behavior .. *sigh* .. My husband is planning to construct an outhouse near our plantation .. i find the idea completely disgusting ! Living next to these animals ..

LADY C : I understand your feelings .. Us civilized and educated people cannot live with animals.. just as one cannot live in a jungle.

LADY D : I agree .. and this book ! should be burned along-with the damned author.

LADY F : I am going to ask my husband to look into this matter .. we have friends in Boston. Surely something needs to be done about this kind of filth ..

LADY A : After all, our husbands can't be just so rabid, so stupid in heat, for animals ? *laughs*

LADY E : Raises a toast, " To God almighty, that we trust in .. he will not deliver us as stupid "

*the ladies snicker and crow, looking around each other, while the servants stand mute*

- this excerpt appears in the film MONDO CANE - Addio Zio Tom ( A Dog's World - Goodbye Uncle Tom / 1971 - Written & Produced by Gualtiero Jacopetti / Franco Prosperi)

IMDb Review - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0180396/

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