Brave New World

Trente Moller's album ' Into the great wide yonder ' is brilliant, beautiful, meticulous and genre-breaking !
Dwelling into a subterranean side of electronic music, the album and the songs within reflect a mastermind's sonic collage via songs and tonal moods. A wizard with space and beats, Trente Moller has juxtaposed a vivid canvas of swirling soundscapes, surf guitars, choral voices, analog drum claps and thundering multi-layered synthesizers, all combining to deliver ten breathtaking compositions. Songs feature a stunning mash-up of surf elements, oddles of echo & distortion, vintage synthesizer tones and 'human' drum beats & hybrid percussive forms. The songs unfold and take fruition, snaking through beats, altering melodic structures inside radiantly designed sounds. Far from the bold & audacious techno moods that he crafted and re-mixed in the past for the likes of Royksop, The Knife, Djuma, Pøker Flat etc. Away from the blitzkrieg of his signature build-ups and sawtooth basslines, this album is a brave and stunning departure from his erstwhile electro remix mastery. This album busts the critique who harangue forever, that electronic music does not have soul ! The maudlin colors of each song via lyrics and voice, is something Trente Moller is not know for .. yet the album's lead single, "Sycamore Feeling," which features vocals by Danish singer Marie Fisker proves that Moller, as an artist, has embraced (and successfully) a ' brave new world ' !

As a producer, artist & DJ, Moller is best known around the world for his detailed and characteristic tone, crafted beats, dynamic synth bass-lines that set a standard for the other contemporary artists to pursue. 15 years into DJ-ing, his debut album ' The Last Resort' released in 2008, created waves across beatport, clubs, festivals and placed him as a most cited producer and composer, par above the usual bigwigs of minimal techno music. Personally, as an avid listener and an electronic music enthusiast, Trente Moller is far more influential and inspiring than the "pedestrian" technology driven sounds and artists of M_nus, B-pitch & Kompakt.

'Into the great yonder ' is perhaps the bravest attempt by an electronic music artist and producer to break into new grounds and possibilities. Leaving the techno and minimal legacy behind, Moller enters a new paradigm with this vision and craft as a musician who remains most progressive, graceful and neoteric amongst electronic music contemporaries in Europe. This album is a thought train of sorts .. 'ear candy' for anyone who loves to listen ..

Download the album - (Mp3.256k) // ••
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