KID 606 !!

I have to write this one fast .. Real fucking fast ! Its Kid 606 and he doesn't leave any space for thought. Its an onslaught of audio bastardization ! Very seldom does sound and the brutal force of volume conspire to make you feel nauseated, jumpy, itchy and most of all shocked! Awestruck at the marvelous genius of Miguel Depedro a.k.a Kid 606. An onslaught of signature 'Junglist' Amen beats, mashed with tons of distortion and 8bit noise, add nasty 303-esque squelches, discharged with a mumbo-jumbo of human voices and other bashed & crackling squeaks. Furious is the movement ! Overpowering is the feeling ! And there is no key to this cascade of cacophony, no predictability about this audio chopping rampage. Over the last decade this artist has not taken it 'easy'. As he declared " Despite all my rave, i am still a bat in a cave ".
With over a dozen singles and 6 albums to date, Miguel Depedro shows no sign of slowing down. He has dissected pop into a mindnumbing number crunching sound and stoked the possibilities of jungle, gabba, drill&bass and dubstep & beyond ! He continues to bend every norm in music production. People argue on you-tube and blogs around the world about his sound and ethics in production. Little does he care about the ripping speakers or bleeding headphones. A misogynist of sorts while dealing with beats and electronic music protocol ! Kid 606 remains beyond the critical acclaim of Squarepusher, Aphex and Venetian Snares. IDM is a dated joke for this man ! Makes a B.T or Funkstorung seem like school kids ! .. Seldom does he cross over to mainstream ears and eyes in festivals or tours. Yet his persona and sound has chipped away in the most relentless & shocking way to thousands of fans across the world. About this Venezuelan prodigy/freak several critiques fail to describe this 240 bpm blitzkrieg of .. Oh fuck it ! Just listen to these songs and you will know what i am ranting about .. and in case you don't like it, your better off serving tea to old ladies in a country club !

Kid 606 - Powerbook Fiend !

Kid 606 - Mr. Wobble !

Didn't someone warn you about the future ? F**K !


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