New World Order ?!

Short eassy originally written in 2006. For

Until now, the world we have known
has been a world divided.
A world of barbed wire, concrete block,
conflict and cold war ...
Now we can see a new world coming into view -
A world in which there is a very real prospect
of a New World Order ...
George . H . W . Bush : 1991 

Now what kind of new world order was he pointing to ? Needless to say, his grandfather Prescott Bush was a pro-nazi industrialist - a  successful banking tycoon, media-baron and eventually a very influential republican - Responsible, along-side with many 'Rockefellers Republicans' for the biggest financial upheavals in America, and having conclusive business and political connections with Nazi Germany - Prescott along-with many leading banking and industrial families raked in billions of dollars via the  issue of war loans and bonds by the American Govt. The money was siphoned to IG Farben and various leading german industries throughout the mid 1930s. The Bush family and its criminal regime takes on monstrous dimensions, as the decades rolled on, and the American war machine thrived and expanded into a multibillion dollar industry. The Bush family's rising influence along-side the Rothschilds,  J.P.Morgans and Rockefellers,  is synonymous with the increase of American military and politically enforced policies, globally -Perhaps taking over where Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany has failed .. Shaping the American World Order ? 

As George Senior and Junior would come to presidential power in 1989 and 2001, further energizing the ruthless american war machine and  it's  internationally felt tyranny - Robbing their own nation and its capital, marginalizing millions of working class americans, imposing near anarchic systems to monitor and control its own citizens - Unleashing the final Orwellian Nightmare. This family is the iconic representation of the American Government as a 'world-police' - A purely bloody legacy responsible for killing more than 500,000 innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Haiti, East Timor, Yemen, Bosnia, Sudan, Liberia, Libya ... in the last 30 years. We ask is that New World Order !? And ask those herds of hapless pro-Barack Obama supporters who brandish hope and believe that there will be change ... Await the final Take-Over ! 

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