Remix Black

Bombay Black Remix Album. A sharp and eclectic response from emerging producers and bands riding the Bombay Black Sound. The remixes send out a blazing run of Drum & Bass, Electro, Abstract, Glitch and Synthetic and even screaming Ballads from the underground conundrum. This remix album is transmitting the original Bombay Black sound in a totally warped and youthful way. " We blew the roof with our remix of Lesson by Func International " prides the duo Fuzz Culture (ElectroRock band based in New Delhi). "Was a pleasure and pride to make a bombay black remix after all these years of listening to the original album" says Sameeruddin, a leading producer of commercial music based in Mumbai. This remix compilation, curated by Audio Pervert, reflects a certain sound energy emerging from India (without the cliched trappings of current trends and involved exoticism) The album surprised many indie music fans in India. Praised as well as critically rejected by the 'older' fans of Bombay Black - None-the-less the remix album can be deemed as a completed indie hit, that has rapidly circulated online, with 18500 odd downloads in less than year.

Featuring Shantam, Fuzz Culture, Sameeruddin, Toymob, Spycam, Ravana, Jack-in-the-Box, POL, Frame/Frame and Audio Pervert.

Release Date : November 2016.

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