Bombay Black !

BOMBAY BLACK IS BACK ! White & Seven Bungalows - New Album, video, art, concerts and massive remixes. February,  2016 will mark 15 years of the most eclectic collective of underground music from Bombay and India. The album is a stellar showcase of proto_genres and non-commercial indie music. The index of the underground sound is challenged. A host of producers, DJs and artists follow the surge to remix Bombay Black. Snow White & Seven Bungalows produced by Paresh Kamath, SamratB and Randolp Corriea. The album stands as an example of music over existing trends. Miles above the mediocrity & hype pimped by mass media - Bombay Black met with a massive indie response from producers, DJS & Bands across India. May 2016, lead to the stupendous order of 10 New songs ... Remix album out November 2016.