Bombay Black Is Back ?!

BOMBAY BLACK IS BACK ! Snow White And The Seven Bungalows - New Album, video, art, concerts and remixes marks the return of the notorious Bombay collective. February 2016 spans 15 years of the eclectic collective from Bombay. The new album is a stellar showcase of proto_genres and a mature, if also superior, indie sound emitting from Bombay. The index of the underground sound is challenged yet again. A host of producers, DJs and artists support the album with a surge of remixes. Megha Ramaswamy's video of "Boing Boing" is being shot currently, expected release March 2015. Snow White & Seven Bungalows is produced by Paresh Kamath, SamratB and Randolp Corriea, the original founding members of Bombay Black circa late 1999. The album stands as an example of emerging music over existing trends. Bombay Black hype is 100% indie and supported by thousands of fans across India.

DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL BOMBAY BLACK 1 / 2 : Complete Album [ 1999 - 2002 ]

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