All Ball !

There is something dewy, breathy and anxious about the debut (virgin) release of a new band. About the spontaneous energy of their entrance ! Punched with the zest to bomb the world with a bold message. MadBoy Mink are just like that ! Jiving, grinding, mashing and forthcoming with a pot-pourri of songs and styles. Almost brazen as they grapple so many genres, samples, synths, claps and voices. Their debut EP titled All Ball is clearly modish. The duo's musical bonhomie is dirty and elegant at the same time. All Ball is 'Rouge-tronica'. The 5 song debut is a product or adventure statement in the making. All Ball is beaming from an apartment in the suburbia of Bombay. Quiet a refreshing far cry from the current hiatus of electro-pop music (in India). Alley cats are out with a bang !

Be it Agogo bells upon disco kicks, or cheeky recreations of trademark French electronica running along the 'kitty-katesque' voice of Mink or the chic synthesizer chords jostling with the funky guitar vamps of MadBoy, the album is always quirky and never wanting to stop the fun and action. Oodles of sampled trumpets, banjos, piano and vintage artifacts bolster the femme fatal 'come and get me' voice of Mink. The sound of All Ball is sassy and is naughty ! "and all the sinners are down here with me ..."

Clearly the producers of All Ball have a fetish for french electro clubbed with a desire to kick-start dance-floor action on every tune on the EP.  Favorite tune ( top of our playlist ) : Lemonade // Most Odd tune ( Are you drunk ? ) : Pimp the Disco [ did they just wake up to Die Antwoord ?? ] // Most Radio Friendly tune : Taste Your Kiss ( the whiskey never lied eh ? )

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