Introducing Maareach { mythological deer : a 'mirage' as a metaphor / allure } ! Producer, DJ and 'kitsch' sampling agent ! Based in New Delhi, Shravan a.k.a Ravana and now Maareach, re-emerging and re-inventing his moniker via Drum N Bass/Jungle/Break-core. His new songs are raw, gritty and with thought provoking form - gradually inviting the listener to a dark experience. The perverse use of retroactive speeches, voices and old Bollywood songs, over a smokey canvas of sampled sounds and relentless hard quantized beats chuffed with dubby bass-lines and psychedelic washouts. The sound of Maareach, when compared to the current trends of ' producer perfect projects ' and VST Hedonism, are of  high contrast, loaded with anti-orthodoxy and a clear upstart musical urge ...

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Ravana and his monikers and his temperament further revealed and discussed : EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

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