Here is yet another example of some self-styled " Pro Audio Star " sitting inside a ' plush rococo studio ' in New York, masquerading music production routines with lavish furniture and equipment ! Grooving with his minions on some utterly pedestrian hip hop beats and voices .. Its a party alright ! Why ? All for the next super synthesizer in town : The Moog Sub Phatty. As pathetic this promo video looks and sounds compared to the synthesizer and its sheer sound possibilities !

The Moog Sub Phatty is the latest creation of Moog Music, priced at an elegant $1099. This brand new synthesizer, like previous Moog creations, is superb in sound and robust in features and build.
As always, most Moog synthesizers hardly require any aplomb or further praise. The rich analog sound quality backed by the vast synthesizer legacy of Bob Moog, is enough to convince producers and sound aficionados across the world.

Question is .. 
Why does Moog ( or any decent synthesizer brand ) waste their time and money with citations and endorsements from such Pro Audio Quacks and Studio Jocks ( the likes of Jerry Wong ) ? Just to promote and vouch such amazing and simple musical instruments ?
It's like getting Arnold Schwarzenegger to talk about health food ?!

F**k these froufrou claptrap producers. Self-aggrandized studio buffoons at best ... Even a child can understand and use a Moog synthesizer ! Eventually this mega-dork will sample the Moog .. as every other hip hop producer does, with an Akai MPC !


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