Gentleman Drums

Gentleman Drums by Venetian Snares is an anthem. A trademark of the 'Amen Beat Bastardization'. Re-surfacing endlessly, in the last two decades via mutations of this golden loop - by the likes of Aphex Twin, Square Pusher, Luke Vibert, µ-Ziq, UndaCova, Xanopticon, End User, Datach'i. and countless other drum & bass / breakbeat Producers, DJs and fiends. Gentleman Drums, released in 2003 on the The Chocolate Wheelchair Album, has become a cult in electronic music parlance and marks a rare occurrences of pure break away from standard procedures and sounds. 

Here is an unknown drummer's (Mike Glozier?) rendition of the song. Hacking away at the manic breaks - matching the insanely impossible snare drops and the relentless syncopation of the Amen Beat. A most remarkable crossover of electronic music, being re-interpreted on a drum kit - singularly riding this  mind-numbing onslaught of ambidextrous polyrhythms.


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