Certain albums and the songs within become cult over the years. Yet the pleasure of being contemporary in the process of listening and acquiring a certain taste for things to come happens rarely.
I heard this album in 1999. The sound and songs made a deep impact almost immediately.

Mirwais Ahmadzaï, more commonly known as Mirwais, (born 1960) is a Paris based record producer and songwriter. The album contains one of the finest impressions of french electronic music. A bold statement in every song, lyrically dark, a harsh definition of disfigured voices - production, in retrospect was clearly hinting at how synthesizers and crushing machine beats will replace the guitar centric traditional rock and pop. A year after the release of Production, Madonna signed him on as her next 'find' and sound master for her much awaited follow up to Ray of Light ( William Orbit - 1996).

An essential listen for all, into the sound of french underground, while it was edgy, maniacal and pure (techno-soul) at heart !

Solo Mirwais - Uncut Version 1998/ Paris Mutiny Film Canal +