Certain albums and the songs within become cult material over the years, which appears very strange initially. Yet the pleasure of being contemporary in the process of listening and acquiring a certain taste for things to come, happens rarely. Such was the case with Production, by Mirwais.

I heard this album in 1999. The sound and songs were instantly hooky yet morbid and uplifting at the same time. Mirwais Ahmadzaï, more commonly known as Mirwais, (born 1961) is a Paris based Algerian producer and songwriter. The album contains one of the finest impressions of french electronic music. This prototype electronic sound which would become a rage in Paris almost a decade later with the loud and bodacious gangs of Busy P and Justice ( Ed Banger Records ). Bold synthetic statements in every song, Mirwais as an artist prefers the lyrically dark and hard-hitting, a harsh projection of disfigured but very carefully manicured voices - Production, in retrospect was clearly hinting at how synthesizers and drum machines would nearly wipe out the traditional instruments of rock and pop. This album is a serious reckoner for synthesizer freaks, hip hop producers as well as dance music enthusiasts. A true rare gem. Very reclusive and mostly obscure in nature he has released very little music since 2005. The album sounds vivacious today, 17 years down electronic music's history and it's current butchery as EDM. Within a year of the release of this album, Madonna signed him on, as her next 'find' : so as to say, her new 'audio master' to slog upon the much awaited follow up to Ray of Light (William Orbit-1996). Mirwais sure did deliver a stunning album for Madonna in 2002 which has been her last decent record, to gather big chart success.


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